Hey Network Marketing Mama!

You're found the Premier Business School for Network Marketers

The proven path to making $5K+ per month as a network marketer


Live a financially fulfilling life while being a present mom to your kids by working less than 10 HOURS A WEEK



Does this sound familiar?


You're doing all the things your upline is telling you to do but still not seeing results.

You're thinking: "I don't know what else to do! Maybe I'm not cut out for this."?



...of approaching people

...of asking for the sale

...that your network marketing business embarrasses your family

...and so frustrated and ready to quit!

I was EXACTLY like you!


— Melissa Davis Garza

“Vanessa helped me create an additional stream of income based on my personalized business blueprint and I was able to increase my profits by $10,000!”

The F.A.S.T. Formula to $5k months


Is a clear, fully-immersive action plan that helps you grow your income and downline on AUTOPILOT without sounding salesy!

Working with Laptop


They say you should reach out to your friends and family (and take massive action),



  1. You obviously hate reaching out to random people on DMs

  2. You’re ashamed and afraid of coming across as someone spammy

  3. You don’t know how to show up on social media to grow your downline


But, what if I told you that there IS a way out of this...

...without you having to pitch all the time?

Hi Network Marketing Mama,

The F.A.S.T Formula to $5k is for Network Marketing Mamas like you who want to:


Attract customers directly into your DM (yup, you read that right)


Attract and recruit driven, committed team members who *actually* help you grow..


Grow a business that feels good and aligns with your natural talents


Automate the sales process (and spend time with your little ones)

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This is for you if:

  • You feel stuck with what you’re doing right now and want to know exactly what actions to take

  • You invested all this time and money, but have little to show for it and are ready to make real money

  • You’re done making excuses and are ready to stand out with a business you're proud of

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But wait, who am I to claim this for you?


Hi, I’m Vanessa!

I’m a Network Marketing expert that has a burning passion for helping network marketing moms develop a personal brand strategy that allows them to succeed in business their way. 


My approach has helped countless women just like you earn consistent $5K+ months by creating a sales, marketing, and recruiting process without the stress and ick of cold prospecting. 


​When I’m not helping Network Marketers succeed, you can catch me spending quality time with my family, sipping on some wine (chardonnay is my favorite), cooking, watching my favorite Netflix shows, and indulging myself in creating content. ​


Ready to ditch the cookie-cutter ways of network marketing and craft a personal brand that aligns with your values, energy, and goals? Are you willing to release limiting beliefs and follow an actionable strategy that attracts the right customers and team members

You’ve come to the perfect place. 


I am here to help you crack the $5K code by helping you master millionaire mindset hacks that helped me sell out $17.5 Million worth in sales using strategic attractive marketing without being Spammy Sammy which I now call the F.A.S.T Formula.

Look what Barbara is saying...


— Barbara Henderson, Speaker & Herbalife Health Coach

“Vanessa is a Master Marketer and one of the most AUTHENTIC Champions for Women Entrepreneurs that I've ever met.  She has not only inspired me to take on my business with better consistency but through her coaching and mentoring, my business has flourished.  She showed me how to use my social media platforms to attract more high paying clients as well as expand my brand across many new markets.  Again, She's a Master!!"

Because the fact is mama, you don’t have the time to STRESS OVER being "that" network marketer.

Do you? NOPE!


And that’s why the F.A.S.T Formula to $5k course is designed to:

1. Teach you how to build a business that aligns with your expertise and passion that makes people flock to you.

2. Gives you the tools that build your skills to develop a strong network outside family and friends.

3. Deliver sustainable results through a clear action plan that re-energizes your commitment to your business.

And this is exactly what you'll get in the course:


 Week 1: The Systems + Mindset you need to scale faster

  • How to choose the RIGHT kind of business model so that you don’t burn out

  • Identify your why and align your business goals to your purpose and bring money easily

  • How to articulate your worth and value and sell with power and confidence

  • How to schedule your time without compromising family time

  • How to stick with behavior changes to get more productive and develop your strengths without feeling anxious all the time

Week 2: Ideal Client Research to cut down your sales cycle

  • How to identify your ideal clients so that you nail down your messaging and attract your dream clients

  • How to design your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) that will reveal what you need to know to sell and recruit the creme de la creme

  • How to set up a system to filter out bad leads and uncommitted connections

  • How to ask the right questions and extract meaty marketing messages right from the horse’s mouth for FREE


Week 3: Using ICA research to map out your business blueprint

  • How to Identify overlapping problems and concerns so that you can prepare for incoming objections beforehand and close the sale

  • How to create a unique solution to these problems using your product or area of expertise and market it to stand out from your competition

  • How to instill confidence in your clients and keep them delighted even after they’ve bought from you

  • How to Organize + Categorize all your research so that you create a marketing repository you can repurpose for years to come


Week 4: Implementation week

  • Final worksheets for PHASE 1 will be delivered

  • Direct access to me during Office hours

  • Group Assessments, Accountability and take the time off to actually do the work instead of just binge-learning 


Week 5: How to expand your business using simple, FREE tools and efficient resources


  • How to build a following F.A.S.T and grow your business

  • Get the exact formula to retain your following, keep your audience engaged and convert them into buying customers

  • How to strategize and set up email sequences that convert

  • Use the email templates inside this module + Reuse them for every new audience set you add


Week 6: How to generate leads on autopilot using actionable tips and strategies

  • How to create audience-centric resources that establish credibility and position you as an expert

  • 5 must-have elements in your resources you shouldn’t miss if you want to convert leads into clients and subscribers into ambassadors

  • How to look like a credible, trustworthy, and profitable brand for FREE

  • How to promote your resources and easily kickstart your brand awareness campaigns without working hundreds of hours a month


Week 7: How to set up a lead-gen funnel: Step-by-Step breakdown of a profitable funnel

  • How to design a high-converting landing page

  • How to connect your lead magnet, landing page and set up a drip sequence to nurture your audience

  • How to automate this drip sequence based on audience triggers

  • How to personalize emails beyond **First Name** and make profits

  • Bonus: The other surprising ways to magnetize your audience and amplify your reach


Week 8: How to show up on social media without getting frustrated and overwhelmed

  • How to do the ground research to generate social media content on autopilot

  • How to market your offers to grow your email list and increase MLM product sales without feeling like a fraud and without coming across as spammy or salesy

  • How to create share-worthy content that goes viral

  • Learn about the social media hacks that boost engagement and sales

  • Learn how to connect with people in their DMs (Scripts + Templates are included to get you started)

  • How to repurpose content and free up weeks of time while using the same content on social, email, and blogs


Week 9: How to make Content Marketing do the work for you

  • How to use your ICA research to write social media posts that convert followers into subscribers and subscribers into clients

  • How to use the voice of your ideal client to write content that wows them by expressing the real value of your expertise 

  • How to find graphic templates, stock photos, editing tools, and other content creation resources for FREE

  • How to conduct hashtag research and organize your hashtags strategically to drive qualified leads to your content

  • How to categorize, prioritize and schedule your content and get the clarity and direction to keep creating intentional marketing material



Week 10: How to build an easily replicable + highly-scalable Business Blueprint

  • How to use your personality strengths from the quiz to set the foundation of an aligned business with multiple income streams

  • How to create a project board to map out a second stream of income that fits naturally into your current MLM business to help you scale beyond $5k months

  • How to beta test the profitability of your second income stream so that it adds consistent value to your current MLM business

  • How to set up a third income stream and so on without starting from scratch every single time


Week 11: Implementation week

If you don’t implement it now when you have access to me and your fellow boss mamas, you won’t do it later.

So I want you to take this buffer week and make use of this time to implement and come back to me with questions.

I want you to come back to me with problems so that you learn how to solve it in the future.


WEEK 12: Duplicate and Automate your business growth


  • How to set up and organize downline containers to categorize your team depending on their skill set

  • How to create a Resources + Tools structure for each container 

  • How to conduct interviews/discovery calls to maximize profits and ROI

  • How to identify and segment team members into containers to maximize productivity

Let's Recap Each Phase>>

Phase I


Week 1: The Systems + Mindset you need to scale faster

Week 2: Ideal Client Research to cut down your sales cycle

Week 3: Using ICA research to map out your business blueprint

Week 4: Implementation week with Group Assessments +  Accountability

Phase II


Week 5: How to expand your business using simple, FREE tools and efficient resources

Week 6: How to generate leads on autopilot using actionable tips and strategies

Week 7: How to set up a lead-gen funnel: Step-by-Step breakdown of a profitable funnel

Week 8: How to show up on social media without getting frustrated and overwhelmed

Week 9: How to make Content Marketing do the work for you 



Week 10: How to build an easily replicable + highly-scalable Business Blueprint

Week 11: IMPLEMENTATION WEEK - Use all you have to get what you want + Accountability

Phase IV


WEEK 12: Duplicate and Automate your business growth



How is this course structured?

This online program is hosted on Teachable with video content + Worksheets + Swipe Files + Templates


How often will the modules be released?

It’s a weekly drip video tutorial + worksheet schedule so that you don’t get overwhelmed. This helps you focus on the current module and fully prepare for the coming module so that you build your business without feeling burdened.


Will this course work for me even if I'm not tech-savvy?

I’m not tech-savvy myself and I still managed to teach myself the skills you'll learn in the program. It’s all about effective communication and how to connect with your ideal prospect. It’s all about the systems you set up and strategies you employ to work less and earn more. TLDR - No tech experience is needed to hit consistent $5k months as a network marketer. The little tech we do use, I have you covered. I’ll teach you the basics that you absolutely need to know.


Do I have to go LIVE on social media every day?

Nope, you don’t. Because we are creating a highly replicable system that helps you repurpose your social media content and use it for years to come to generate profitable leads.


What if I’m unable to attend the weekly VIP 1-on-1 coaching?

What if I gave you the juiciest money-making tactics during the 1-on-1 hours and you also get to pick my brain and ask me ANYTHING about making more money? I’m sure you’ll show up if you want $5k in your bank account ;)


Is there a money back guarantee or a refund policy?

Yes. This course comes with a 14-day 100% money back guarantee. That said, you should only take up the course if you’re prepared to show up and do the work. Read the disclaimer for more information.


ICA Research (Value: $250)

Personality-based Business Model (Value: $750)

Step-by-step Breakdown of a profitable funnel (Value: $1,000)

Secrets of recruiting the right team (Value: $500)

Profitable Content Marketing Strategy (Value: $750)

Automate your Lead Generation Process (Value: $500)

How to set up multiple sources of recession-proof income (Value $1,000)


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of ($4,750)


But I’m here to make it accessible to each and every one of you, you can sign up for just..

Questions? Write to me at hello@vanessaannmiller.com

DISCLAIMER: For best results, show up every week, put in the effort, do the work, complete your worksheets and implement what you learn IMMEDIATELY without delay and you can make $5k per month with ease – but these results are subjective and therefore is neither promised nor guaranteed even though history and experience say that these results are easily achievable. This course comes with a 14-day “questions asked” Refund Policy. If you’re doing the work and you think you’re not a good fit, just send an email to me asking for a refund.  And in any case, you decide to apply for a refund, please note that all the training material and the worksheets you downloaded are and will remain the Intellectual Property of Vanessa Ann Miller by default which means that possessing, replicating, or distributing any or a part of the training material is a punishable offense according to copyright laws. For full terms and conditions, click here.