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Do you feel like you’re going in circles when it comes to your business? 


 Does this sound like your internal dialogue? 👇🏼


“Why does something always come up that distracts me in my personal life right when I feel things are running smoothly in my business?”


“I feel major lows and highs in business. Does it really have to be an unpredictable roller coaster?”


“If I can just make enough to breathe and get on top of bills then I’ll be happy."


You want the most from your business and life, but do you ever feel like you're in a rat race and never reaching the level that you know you're capable of?

In my experience, adding more to your to-do list isn't going to make the shift. And banking on having a huge social media following isn’t the way either. (← More on that another time.)

When you allow your subconscious mind to do the work for you, you get more of what you focus on. Where attention goes energy flows.

That's where the CEO Lab can help!

Imagine what will happen when you...

✔️ Know the secret to getting more done and still have time and energy to meet the girls for happy hour. 🍸

✔️ Have a simple business structure so you create more profitable opportunities and valuable connections. 

✔️ Outline a clear strategy to increase your revenue so you never have to worry where your next sale will come from. 

✔️ Are confident that you'll reach and even exceed your goalsno more worrying you’ll be disappointed at the end of the month!

(You can sit with us!)

How it works...
Conference Break Time

Arrive 5 minutes early to check in and enjoy light refreshments as you settle in.


We’ll open up with introductions and review the agenda for the workshop. Each workshop will have one wellness training and one business strategy training.


You’ll receive some pre-work to complete before the workshop which we’ll review together during the workshop.


This is an interactive workshop where you’ll be able to implement what you learn and get immediate feedback.


You'll also get tools, routines, a 30-day plan, and more to help you create habits to fully embody the traits of a successful entrepreneur. 


(Note: There will be a visualization meditation so please bring a yoga mat or whatever will make you comfortable. Dress comfortably and casually. Bring a notebook, pen, and laptop, if desired. This is an adult-only event so that we may work distraction-free.)

Alright, now let's talk to that voice in your head trying to talk you out of attending...

You likely were drawn to this workshop because your Inner Goddess is screaming “THERE’S SO MUCH MORE FOR US IN THIS LIFETIME!”


And she’s probably right! (Who am I kidding?! She’s always right. 🙄)


Your logical mind is probably arguing with her…” but we’ve tried to get our business and life in order and we get curveballs thrown at us!”


We get it! Doubts, fears, anxieties, friction, all of the icky stuff comes up when change is on the horizon.


🚫 You've tried being consistent before but something gets in the way.

🚫 Your time and money are limited. You have so many other things to do. 


Besides, you don't even know where to start and feel like it's too late to bounce back. 


(Is your logical mind done yet?)


I, Vanessa, speak from experience when I say: I completely know how you feel! And that’s exactly why we planned this workshop out strategically. So YOU can see immediate results.


By the end of the workshop, you’ll have clarity with a step-by-step action plan that you're excited to follow, and that allows for flexibility. (Ya know in case…curveballs!)

(Isn't she wise?)

Plus, you'll have access to an exclusive in-person community where you’ll get special feedback and support!

Be in a safe space to discuss what's really going on with your business and where you may be holding yourself back.

Coffee with Friends

Overwhelm, disorganization, and exhaustion in your business… no clear strategy and being easily distracted so not getting anything done… not seeing tangible results…you’ve outgrown all of that!


You’re ready to make this the year you exceed your financial goals, vacation on a tropical beach with a cocktail in hand, and feel damn refreshed every morning you wake up.


In only 2 hours, you’ll write a clear plan that'll keep you on track and give you back so much time that you’ll wonder why you never did this before!

How you do like 'dem apples? 🍏

Meet your workshop facilitators
The CEO Day Live Event Landing Page (8).png
Vanessa Ann Miller

Business and Money Strategist

Amy Gernaat

The Nourished Woman Mentor

Let's recap the goods you get!
The CEO Day Live Event Landing Page (2).png
Plus: CEO Metrics Tracker + shadow work journal prompts, CEO Weekly Tracker and reprogramming meditation/hypnosis audio

Q: $147 per month is a lot for me right now, what do I get for my money?


A: We completely understand. We curated a workshop that is results driven so that your investment pays dividends! (You'll benefit beyond the workshop.) With the resources and guidance that you'll receive, it works out at $4.90 a day--just a little less than a daily latte.


If you can’t commit to investing $5 a day in yourself, I definitely wouldn’t recommend signing up for the CEO Lab. You're invited to come back when you feel more comfortable.

But if you can and you want to discover and apply the skills you’ll use to accelerate your business, be known as the go-to person in your space and create a business that allows you to live a rich life, I’m confident you’ll have made a life-changing investment.


Q: Are there any refunds?


Given the nature of this live event and the materials we'll need to prepare to supply, there are no refunds available. Please make sure you’re available to attend and give the workshop your full attention.

Q: Do you guarantee results?

While we do stand by our framework, ultimately its up to you to take action.

Q: What time is this workshop held and where?

This live workshop will be held on Thursday, January 19th at 10 am until noon in League City. An email disclosing the address will be sent to you when you register.

Q: What do I need to bring and what do I need to wear?

Bring a notebook, pen, and laptop, if desired. Whatever will help you map out an action plan. I like to use a sketchpad before adding my plan to my Notion board or spreadsheets.

There will be a visualization meditation so please bring a yoga mat or whatever will make you comfortable. Dress comfortably and casually.

Q: Is there anything I need to prepare before I attend?

Great question! You'll receive an assessment, checklist of what to prepare and a spreadsheet in your registration email. We'll use this information to give you personalized guidance during the workshop.

Workbook and worksheets will be provided for you at the workshop.

Q: What stage in my business do I need to be in?

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for awhile and you're ready to grow with ease, this workshop will have something for you.

While there are some foundational pieces we'll cover, its a great review for seasoned entrepreneurs as these things tend to be brushed under the rug when we get busy.

Q: Will child care be provided?

We currently aren't equipped to provide child care but it is in our plans for the future.

Q: I have a question that isn't listed here. Who can I contact?

Feel free to reach out to Vanessa on Instagram or at

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